Almost all our kennels are indoors in brick and mortar buildings, with rubber floors and insulated ceilings. Please bring your dog's own bedding from home, as the closer we can simulate the home environment, the happier the pets will be during their stay. When the pet arrives, we take a photo of all the belongings so that we can ensure that everything goes back home at the end of your pet's vacation. Their bedding, food and other belongings stay with them in their own kennel for the duration of their stay.

Pets from different households do NOT share accommodation, due to the risk of injury and anxiety as a result of aggressive behaviour. The only exception to this rule is the supervised playing of puppies. Young dogs need to socialise with other dogs and become bored very easily. Supervised socialisation prevents frustration and improves social skills.


Dogs are exercised regularly according to their needs and this includes time spent in the play areas, games played with them, walks outside, supervised socialisation and training where requested. Dogs from different households do not share enclosures but do share play areas if they are socialised and if the client permits it. In keeping with our aim to reduce stress as much as possible, we encourage the use of safe toys and appropriate interaction with humans to keep our guests stimulated and to prevent boredom. We also constantly upgrade the design of housing units to ensure that the environment is interesting for the pets.


Our cattery consists of units for single cats, twin units and family units for up to four cats. Each chalet has its own garden and during the day the cats also get the opportunity to enjoy the "cat walks" - larger exercise areas attached to the units where one family of cats at a time can have access to a larger play area.


Change causes stress in pets, and in order to minimise stress for our guests, we want to ensure that our guests are fed exactly what they eat at home. For this reason, we ask that you please bring your pet's food and provide us with clear feeding instructions. Please ensure that there will be enough food to last their entire stay.