We have a well-equipped grooming facility with qualified, experienced staff and can accommodate all your grooming needs. We offer baths, grooming, styling and breed cuts, scissor trims and special styling. Please note that it may not be possible to obtain uniform results when scissor trimming a pet. We pride ourselves on our low-stress handling techniques of the pets in our care. We do a thorough pre-groom check to establish whether there are existing wounds, lumps and moles. We prefer that the client is present when we do this check. Our groomers have all been trained to read canine body language effectively, so if we are worried about the stress levels of your beloved pet, we may ask you to be present during the grooming process. If your pet is particularly fearful of grooming, we ask that you please check with your vet about anti-anxiety medication and use it according to your vet’s instructions prior to bringing your pet to us. Our vets at Mooikloof Animal Hospital can administer injectable sedation for pets during grooming should you require this service.


Small short hair dog or catR120R142R210N/AN/A
Small long hair dog or catR127R150R225R240R389
Medium short hairR135R165R240N/AN/A
Medium long hairR142R180R254R270R389
Large short hairR150R195R270N/AN/A
Large long hairR172R210R285R299R420
Giant short hairR187R225R299N/AN/A
Giant long hairR195R269R328R374R420



GROOMBrush, wash, dry, nail trim, ear clean, pooch perfume
STYLINGBrush, shave, wash, dry, nail trim, ear clean, pooch perfume
SCISSOR TRIMBrush, scissor trim, wash, dry, nail trim, ear clean, pooch perfume
SPECIAL GROOMPoodles or breeds that require extended time for a style (pom-pom/lamb cut)
EXTRASTick and flea treatments & deworming
EXTRA CHARGESAdditional charges will apply if your pet is extremely matted, knotted or dirty