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Our aim is to care for your pet as well as you would yourself. Our success depends on the degree to which our guests' individual needs are fulfilled. These needs may vary and their fulfillment relies largely on the skills and resourcefulness of our caregivers. We ensure that our caregivers are equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to identify your pet's needs and know how to respond appropriately. Most of our staff training is done through Mooikloof EduPet Training and Behaviour. And this in a nutshell is what we do at Mooikloof Kennels and Cattery.


We believe that our guests should experience minimal changes to their normal routine when visiting us. Changes in normal routine are potentially stressful for pets. For this reason, we prefer to keep our guests' diets the same as what they are used to getting at home. Therefore, we request that you provide your pet's food, and instruct us exactly how you give it under normal circumstances. Your pet's food will be stored in their own unit so that we can ensure that your pet is fed exactly according to your instructions. Should we experience any difficulties, we will contact you in order to plan and implement an appropriate alternative feeding strategy.


Dogs are exercised regularly according to their needs and this includes time spent in the play areas, games played with them, walks outside and supervised socialisation. Pets from different households do not share accommodation. Dogs from different families may play together provided their parents have given permission, and they get along well together. Our staff are trained to recognise signs of anxiety and stress and will carefully select play buddies. Cats are housed in spacious chalets with small gardens and ample vertical space, providing much opportunity for physical activity.


In keeping with our aim to reduce stress as much as possible, we encourage the use of safe toys and appropriate interaction with humans to keep our guests stimulated and to prevent boredom. We also constantly upgrade the design of housing units to ensure that the environment is interesting for the pets. Our cat units provide ample vertical space to satisfy their spatial requirements. For the dogs, we provide doggy jungle gyms, raised areas, sandpits and swimming pools to keep them entertained.


Pets from different households do not share accommodation, due to the potential risk of injury and anxiety as a result of aggressive behaviour. The only exceptions to this rule are the supervised playing of puppies, and specific requests from clients whose pets already know each other. Young dogs especially can benefit from supervised socialising with other dogs as it helps them to develop good social skills.

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