Worried about leaving your puppy at home alone all day? Daycare enables a safe, secure environment where your pet can engage in normal doggy behaviour and have fun as well. Daycare includes play sessions with other dogs where possible and appropriate. Does your dog drive the neighbours crazy with constant barking when you're not there to provide companionship? Perhaps your pet destroys your furniture while you are out earning the bucks to pay for the damage? Daycare may form part of a management plan for behaviour disorders such as separation anxiety which can cause excessive barking and destructive behaviour. Please contact Mooikloof EduPet Training and Behaviour to make an appointment for a behavioural assessment. Drop-off and collection for daycare is between 08:00 and 17:00 on weekdays. These packages don't expire and don't have to be used over consecutive days.


1 DAYR132.00
5 DAYR627.00
10 DAYR1 188.00
20 DAYR2 112.00
30 DAYR2 970.00