Nobody likes being excessively cold in winter and too hot in summer, and neither do our pets. Fortunately, nature has endowed them with hair coats that make temperature regulation easier for them than for us. All our guests spend the night indoors, so that we can regulate ambient temperatures more effectively and for security reasons. During the day they have access to outdoors areas, and spend varying amounts of time indoors.

At Mooikloof Kennels and Cattery, we have opted for brick and mortar buildings that are temperature regulated through fitted ceilings and effective insulation of the roof and the floors (we are in the process of rubberising all the floors). We constantly monitor the temperatures and ensure that they remain within internationally accepted pet housing standards.

During cold spells, we make use of panel heaters fitted in strategic places inside the buildings and ensure that sparse-coated pets are accommodated comfortably. During summer we use fans and mist sprays when necessary, and pay special attention to our brachycephalic (short-nosed) guests who are prone to heat exhaustion.

For some interesting statistics, please visit this link for more information on ideal and safe temperatures for your pets.