Does your dog take you on walks instead of the other way round? Do you need help with unruly canine behaviour when visitors arrive? Or would you like to show your guests how clever your dog is with tricks? Do you want to prevent future behaviour challenges by teaching your young puppy good manners? We can help you!

Our chosen training method is positive reinforcement mostly through clicker training. This is a tried and tested rewards based training method that enhances the bond between owner and dog in a fun and structured way. We do not make use of any force or punishment, in keeping with internationally accepted standards for modern dog training.

Our training options focus on real life situations in people’s homes, hence we refer to life skills. Examples of life skills for dogs are:

  • Sitting quietly when visitors arrive
  • Keeping four feet on the floor when greeting people and other dogs
  • Settling down on a mat when people are eating
  • Coming when called
  • Giving up the remote control willingly
  • Walking calmly on a lead allowing the handler to be in control
  • Leaving those attractive (to the dog) bits of rubbish on the pavement
  • Entertaining the guests with a trick or two
  • Knowing where to pee and poo (puppies)

Services offered

  • EduPet Puppy School (approximately 8-16 weeks)
    • Basic life skills for puppies
    • Puppy management skills for owners
    • Clicker training
    • Group classes
  • EduPet Canine Life Skills (6 months and older)
    • Training for dogs of all ages using clicker training where appropriate
    • Group and individual training
    • Personalised training solutions
    • Canine life skills training is a useful follow-up to a behaviour consultation, and sometimes part of the treatment of a behavioural disorder (for more information click here [Help with pet behaviour])

Join the EduPet family by contacting Marlyn Repsold at or 0723791030.